KOOR STONE , Omani Natural Stones.
by Gulf Trade Link . Muscat, Oman

About Us

Koor Stone is a Quarrier, Fabricator & Distributor of Omani natural building stones
Welcome to our collection of natural stone products. Be inspired by our extensive collection of quality and innovative options for your indoor &  outdoor living needs.

Koor Stone strives to bring you real alternatives to concrete products, allowing you to construct your project in a "total natural stone solution". All of our products are continuously monitored to maintain our high ethical and environmental standards. Unlike many of our competitors, Koor Stone is committed to investing in its supply chain and the people who work in it. As a base line, Koor Stone has developed and strictly adheres to, a Code of Ethics.

Here is our story

We start our trip by locating quality Omani stones that are stunning, colorful, and strong through some of the toughest terrains of Oman. Once the location is identified, we go through the formalities of obtaining necessary permissions and licensing
 We then collect and select each stone by hand to ensure it meets our quality products
Stones are gathered , categorized , and transported and then put in a palette to ensure safe transportation to our workshop
Now our stones can be used as it is for verities of projects or can be cut to specifications where a more dimensional and sizes are needed
At our workshop, we go through a different process of selection, sorting, and inspection to ensure precise and quality products are produces. Finally the material is ready to be used for your project